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ValvaBox brand signs Naetom as Ambassador

ValvaBox brand signs Naetom as Ambassador

ValvaBox brand signs Naetom as Ambassador
ValvaBox brand signs Naetom as Ambassador
ValvaBox today announced the prolific Mid Belt Nigerian music artiste, Naetom as its brand ambassador.

One of the leading Entertainment Music blog in the industry today, Valvabox, has distinguished itself from its competitors with its Entertainment persona which is a perfect mixture of entertainment and art. This has appealed to its target audience immensely and its “The future is now” mantra has also encouraged its young fans to be creative and be productively efficient in their various fields of specialisation.

A lot of strategies can be linked to the uprising of Valvbox Media. One of them is being able to understand the extent of connection of its target audience to certain pivotal aspects of Pop culture and creating affiliations with notable icons to propel the brands to new heights.

Born Muhammed family, Naetom’s musical career has been nothing short of amazing. From chart topping singles, ground breaking records to global recognition, this was yet another major milestone attained for the Rapper/singer as he was all smiles today while putting pen to paper to be the new face of Valvabox Media.

Speaking at the media unveiling, Valvabox Media Marketing Communications Manager, Mr. Ani Driller, re-echoed the brand’s
innovative culture from its formative years till date. He spoke about the unveiling and Valvabox commitment to continually give their budding fans what they want and when they want it.

“Apart from consistently dishing out world class Entertainment, we at ValvaBox, understands that our fans are young trend setters and so is Neatom’s fans and since we
are a brand that is known over the years as bold and stylish, bringing Naetom in as part
of the team was a welcome development from all of us at Valvabox Media,” Ani Driller reiterated.

Valvabox being one of the leading Entertainment Blog and Naetom as one of the biggest mid belt music artistes to emanate from Africa in recent times. It’s no coincidence that they have come together to form a cohesive

They are both trendsetters who possess a similar fan base that are built to challenge the norm with their ideas and line of work.

ValvaBox brand signs Naetom as Ambassador

They are both Entertainer savvy entities that have built their reputation on the emphasis for
top notch delivery, Valvabox through their Blog and Naetom through his music.

While both entities also possess an International reach that is continually expanding, this news is poised to set off a ripple effect of excitement through the minds of Entertainment Blog and music lovers.

It would also lead to an expansion in the sales of Valvabox Entertainment Blog and an increase in demand for Naetom’s craft.

Valvabox Media and Naetom, it is
indeed a double amazing Partnership; strategic and well orchestrated.

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